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In a rapidly evolving and highly scrutinised sector, acquiring outstanding contemporary people is critical. NEO Talent can help you effectively navigate this complex and challenging market.

​With 20 years experience of sourcing and selecting talent, we understand the evolving and shifting dynamics in this sector and the changing talent needs, making us credible and easy to deal with.


We provide valuable insights advice and guidance as well as contemporary pricing and commercial flexibility.


To source, select and validate the most appropriate talent for each unique environment and situation.

  • Extensive local and off-shore networks and market reputation gives you unrivalled access.

  • We partner with a select group of clients requiring bespoke and insightful talent advice and solutions.

  • We rely on a positive market reputation supporting trusted clients who value our experience and contribution.

  • In a sector where hiring decisions are critical, we deliver great outcomes with energy, application and structure.

We de-risk and validate your hiring decisions.




Andrew recently established Neo Talent after 20 years of leading boutique executive and professional recruitment groups in Australia.

Andrew brings an extensive and supportive network, positive market reputation and ability to build trust and engage at the highest levels. He has successfully delivered hundreds of key appointments and is sought out for his pragmatic, honest and consultative style.

Professionally, Andrew has supported many executives in this arena; building, transforming or reshaping their internal talent in response to regulatory scrutiny and the need for current risk management practices. He can advise on market dynamics, talent acquisition strategies and ultimately deliver great appointments through well executed search mandates.

He enjoys working with organisations to tackle contemporary challenges such as diversity, changing workforce and workplace dynamics and conduct and culture.

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